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JBSQ June 2017, Volume 8, Number 4
ISSN 2152-1034
Impact Of Supply Chain Management On Firm Performance Through T-JIT: Shiraz Industrial Estate (pp. 1-14)
Arman Marhamati, Islamic Azad University Shiraz, Iran
Iman Azizi, Islamic Azad University Shiraz, Iran
Aria Marhamati, Shiraz University, Iran

Global Financial Crisis And Its Impact On Efficiency And Performance Of Commercial Banks In Pakistan (pp. 15-29)
Ghulam Mujtaba Chaudhary, International Islamic University, Pakistan
Zaheer Abbas, International Islamic University, Pakistan

The Opportunities Of Career Development In Tourism Industry In Bangladesh (pp. 30-47)
Jayanta Fakir, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
Rafiq Ahmed, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh

The Impact Of Income Tax Inflation On Salary: A Case Study Of Government Gazetted Teachers In Peshawar, Pakistan (pp. 48-60)
Sanaullah, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Sajjad Ali, Govt. College of Management Sciences, Pakistan
Farmanullah, Department of Pakistan Studies, University of Agriculture, Pakistan
Furhanullah, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Effects Of Social Value, Self-Discrepancy, And Face Consciousness On Status Consumption: Perceived Consumer Need For Uniqueness As A Mediator (pp. 61-75)
Muhammad Asim Aziz, University of Gujrat, Pakistan
Muhammad Danish Habib, University of Gujrat, Pakistan

The Role Of FDI In Augmenting The Agricultural Productivity Of Female Farmers In Eastern And Southern African Countries (pp. 76-96)
Mohammed Elhaj Mustafa Ali, University of Kassala, Kassala, Sudan

Capturing Market Share And Creating Brand Image: The Scenario Of Mobile Phone Sets Industry In Bangladesh (pp. 97-108)
Md.Mahbobor Rahaman, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Mohammad Zahed Hossain, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Mohammad Saiful Islam, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Md. Sajadul Islam Sarker, Leading University, Sylhet, Bangladesh

The Impact Of Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) On Financial Performance (pp. 109-122)
Khaled Jamal Jaarat, Middle East University

Coping With Changing Business Models In Medicine: A Case Study (pp. 123-131)
James Jenkins, Nova Southeastern University
Nile M. Khanfar, Nova Southeastern University
Belal Kaifi, Trident University International


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