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The Journal of Business Studies Quarterly (JBSQ) is a refereed publication, especially designed for business professionals. The journal has advisory and editorial review boards. These boards include academicians and practitioners who review submitted articles to ensure that they are theoretically sound and also practical.

The typical journal reader is familiar with basic business practices but is not necessarily an expert on any specific topic. The reader is interested in knowing what current terms mean, what new management concepts can do (including their limitations), how to apply them to a particular situation, and what questions should be asked of experts who implement them.

Authors should submit the article through the submission page in Word format to the Editor. The cover sheet needs to include the title of the article and complete listing of all co-authors and their affiliations in the order in which they should appear. A brief biographical sketch should also be included. Click here to see an article with ideal formatting.

Articles should be sufficiently developed in 8-30 typewritten pages, including a brief description of the research methodology. The manuscript should use single spacing, one-inch margins, and other format specifications outlined in the American Psychological Association (APA) manual (6th Edition).

Graphs and illustrations should be used only when deemed essential to explain ideas and illustrate difficult concepts and processes due to the difficulty of accurate reproduction. Also, proofs and mathematical formulas should be kept to a minimum. Authors are required to provide graphs, diagrams, and illustrations in camera-ready form. Authors are also responsible for obtaining copyright permissions, where needed, for reproducing graphs, charts, or using materials beyond brief reference with attribution.

In-text reference citations should be made when other studies are cited. It is appropriate to provide a few references to help the reader who is interested in knowing more about the subject matter; however, a long reference list should be avoided.

Acknowledgments are made to the corresponding author within a week to 10 days from date of receipt of the submitted manuscript. The review process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Upon completing the review process, the journal editor notifies the corresponding author of the decision.

Authors of accepted articles are asked to complete a standard copyright form and e-mail a file containing the manuscript typed in Microsoft Word format.

JBSQ does not have any processing or submission charges.

Plagiarism Policy – JBSQ actively checks for plagiarism by using TurnItIn software.

Manuscripts and correspondence regarding journal publication, editorial, or copyright permissions should be addressed to:

Journal of Business Studies Quarterly

Information on Desk Rejections 

The increase of submissions to our journal is of course an excellent piece of news. However, given that reviewers represent a scarce resource, the Editor must identify among submitted papers those which have little chance to pass the hurdle of the first-round review and eventually move forward to acceptance.

To do so, the Editor answers the following questions which represent a first screening:

1) Does the topic fit within the journal’s scope?

2) Is the content (literature review, conceptual development, methodology, analysis, conclusions) adequate (i.e. it does not reflect major flaws or gaps) and indicative of a potential contribution to the literature?

3) Are the format, syntax and grammar consistent with the journal’s policies and expectations?

Such an exercise aims to minimize the use of reviewers’ time and to provide authors with a quick turnaround when the potential for publication appears low or minimal.

The papers with at least one negative answer to the questions are ‘desk rejected’ by the Editor (i.e. they are rejected without being sent to reviewers). The concept is called ‘desk rejection’ or ‘desk reject’. One reason for this choice is that, because of a lower likelihood of eventual acceptance, it gives the author the chance to pursue a more promising outlet for publication sooner.

Improve the Style Before Submission
Non-native English speakers/writers should not hesitate to hire a professional language copy editor. Furthermore, the use of Google translate is not sufficient. The issue at stake is the image of professionalism given by authors and the first impression made on the editor.

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